Reasons Why One Should Stay in Villas in Koh Tao

Koh Tao or ‘turtle island’ is a beautiful island in Thailand that attracts tourists from all over the world. People shed off their tiredness and get their soul rejuvenated here. So, if you too are planning to visit this beautiful island, then you need to choose a place where you can spend a great holiday. For this, you can either stay in hotels or even a Koh Tao villa in Thailand.

If you really want to have an extraordinary experience during your vacation, then you must stay in villas and not in hotels. The reasons in support of this are


If you are travelling with your family and friends, and you have a big group, then it is better that you choose villas over hotels or resorts as they will be less expensive. Apart from that when you stay in villas, you will get complimentary services like laundry, breakfast and others that will save money. In any Koh Tao villa in Thailand, you will get Thai meals included in the cost. It will be an extraordinary experience.


When you are in villas, you are staying at some place that will give you privacy just like your home. You can move around in your night dress or spend some secluded moments with your loved one. Everything is possible. The environment of the villas is such that you will be able to enjoy your privacy even in the midst of people.


It’s true that you will get good service even in the resorts and the hotels, but when you stay in villas, you get service from live-in staff. They take care of you just like another member of their family. You do not have to wait for housekeeping after giving a call. You will find people waiting to provide you with things that you may need there. Even the villa manager will also speak with you in fluent English, making it possible for you to communicate with them easily.


When you are staying away from your home, you may face some problem as regards food. However, if you stay in a Koh Tao villa in Thailand, you can be assured that you will get food that is made by the chef according to your choices. The experience is quite different from the food that you can have in resorts or hotels.


Villas just like the private hotels and resorts will provide the best facilities available. Cable TV, Wi-Fi, iPods are common and are available in almost every hotel, resort or villas. In villas, you will get other facilities like sauna, home gymnasium, Playstation, dart boards, and pool table and more. So you can just enjoy these facilities in the villas, and make the most of your holidays.


The best part of staying in the villas is their location. They are located in beautiful places like beach fronts, mountain tops or on any private island. The villas are designed beautifully so that you can enjoy these sceneries even from your bedroom.


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