How to Keep Guests Warm Inside a Marquee

A marquee wedding is always a great idea especially if you have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. However, it might not seem to be a practical idea during the cooler months. Exposing your guests to the cold can make them uncomfortable throughout the wedding festivities. You should therefore think of ways to safely heat inside the marquee so your guests can stay warm and comfortable. If your guests are too cold, it would be difficult if not impossible for them to join in on the celebration. You can also coordinate this with a marquee hire in Sydney to ensure that it is done safely and effectively.
Heating a wedding marquee is tricky. This is why it is best to leave it to a professional marquee hire in Sydney. However, you can use these tips and reminders to ensure it is done safely:
• Make sure you set up a decent flooring for your marquee. When your guests’ feet are in contact with grass, it can make them cold easily. The kind of flooring you install will depend on the type of wedding and the theme.
• Install heaters inside the marquee. This is an obvious remedy for winter or fall marquee wedding. Heaters help to regulate the temperature inside the marquee so that your guests will stay warm even when it is cold outside. It is also important to study the strategic placement of the heaters. Make sure they are placed close to the seating area and near doors, or any other areas wherein heat could easily escape and cold wind can enter.
• Spread the heater around. You can only install a limited amount of heater within the marquee. On top of strategic placement, you need to fan the heater so that the heat is equally distributed within the marquee. Avoid the use of cabinet, halogen, or patio heaters because they do not have fans and therefore limit the area with which you can get warm air on.
• Strategic lighting can also contribute to keeping your guests warm in a marquee wedding. Therefore, take this into consideration when planning your décor and lighting options. Cool colored decorations and lighting fixtures give a homey warmth to the venue.
• An indirect heater is recommended for use on marquees. This is a large unit that is placed outside the marquee. It is a tad bit more expensive as compared to the other types of heaters. If you can afford it, go for it! This will give you the flexibility of adjusting the thermostat within the marquee so you can stay warm and relaxed.
• Install a walkway. Aside from installing a temporary flooring system for your marquee wedding, a walkway is also essential so that your guests can walk on a dry path while entering or leaving your wedding venue. It can also double as a dramatic entrance route, which makes it a good investment for your wedding.
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