Cement Rendering: A Good Solution

The outside appearance of a house is very important. There are a number of different options available.  Wood can be painted over or stained. If the outside is brick work, then simply treat this or consider rendering the brickwork. Cement render - Quickwall Render has the means to do this.

cement render - Quickwall Render

A cement rendered surface: A mineral rendered surface can be covered by a warranty of between ten and fifteen years.

Also, cement render – Quickwall Render can give the following assurances:

  • This surface will not “delaminate”. This means that once the coating has been applied it will not blister or peel when exposed to the elements. This can be the case with some acrylic coatings.
  • The coating will not go “drummy”. This can be explained as a loss of “bond” between a plastered surface and a wall. It effectively means the plaster falls off.
  • An exposed wall will be subjected to the full effects of the weather, in all its extremes. But there will be a good bond between the plaster and the “substrates”.
  • This cement rendered wall will provide no food/nutrients for termites. Thus considerably lessening the chance of an infestation.
  • A “two pack” can be applied to an underlying wall surface or “substrate”. The two pack could be either a paint or a filler. One component is the base and the other is a catalyst. They are usually mixed together just prior to use. This will give a good surface to work on.

The types of rendered cement surfaces available.

Thus cement render – Quickwall Render offers the following selections:

Traditional Render

This is a dual purpose traditional cement which has been modified with a polymer. This can be used, either as a base coat on a substrate or, used to produce a sponged finish. This traditional rendering process can also result in a filament coating which is very fine. This can be therefore used as a skim coat or these coatings can be built up to a much higher surface of 12 cm. It has very good holding properties. This will produce a versatile finish that can be used for a number of different applications.

Quick Sand

This is a tough two pack polymer, which has been modified by the addition of mineral materials which makes sure it can bond to any wall or substrate. It will give a flat and rendered finish. Unlike some sand based rendered material, this Quick Sand render will not go drummy or delaminate, that is fall from the wall surface, in a short period of time. Check at Quickwall Render

Quick Trowel

This is the skillful operation of producing a seamless vertical, decorative, “scratch coat” wall finish. This not only offers protection to a wall but also adds a strong decorative element. This comes in 1.5mm, 2.00mm and 3.00mm grades. A plastic trowel is applied to produce a flat, jointless and smooth finish. A permanent, durable and tough two pack option is also available. This can be either a mineral polymer or acrylic based.


This can mimic freshly cut sandstone. A plastic trowel can be used to produce a textured finish at 1.5mm, 2.00mm and 3.00mm. Again, a two pack system can be used with a mineral polymer or acrylic system. For more details, just visit http://www.quickwall.com.au


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