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Add a Creative Touch to Your Tags with Top Quality Custom-Made Rubber Stamps

The history of the rubber stamp remains a mystery up to date with no one in specific receiving credit for having come up with this very important tool especially for business owners. However, it has been said that the appearance and mention of rubber stamps date back to the 1860’s. Their use has stood the test of time despite the technological advancements the world has experienced over the last one and a half decade.


There have been numerous patent applications for this product over the years, with stamps varying in design and way of working. However, given the fact that it has received mention even before these applications were ever made, it is very hard to conclusively find out who invented this wonderful product.

Rubber stamps are important tools for institutions, businesses and individuals. There are various models available which are improvements made on the stamps used in the 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Their many designs attract different users who have unique needs.

The decision to buy rubber stamps require one to consider how much knowledge and information you have on stamps, as well as your own personal preferences: whether it is the classic design or the new generation design. The classic design is one that comes with an ink pad that is replaceable once the ink runs out. It has been viewed as a bit old fashioned but it has its fair share of preferred users.

Self – inking rubber stamps have become more common in usage for stamps in these modern times.  The convenience they offer in terms of eliminating the need of having to carry around an ink pad has seen then become very popular with users. They also have a modern feel to them and also quite easy to refill once they run out of ink.

Stamps produced by self-inking rubber stamps are quite unique as rubber stamp makers have come up with unique types of self-inking rubber stamps that produce classy impressions when used.

The process of having rubber stamps designed for an individual starts with deciding on the information to include on the stamps. Once the information to be included has been settled upon, the stamp design is then generated and agreed upon by the rubber stamp buyer and the rubber stamp maker. However, the customer can also come up with their own design which they forward to the manufacturer to produce as per their specifications.  However, stamp makers offer value added services which means that the customer only has to worry about the information on the stamps while the stamp manufacturers use their experience to develop the designs in no time while giving them a professional look.

There have been loads of innovative ideas for rubber stamps ranging from pocket stamps, which are very easy to carry around and designed in a way that they do not spill any ink on the holder. Others have taken the shape of pens that one can carry comfortably as one does carry a pen. Whatever stamp impression you want, there is a lot to choose from. For more inquiries, just visit

Hints to Choose an awesome Courier

Bought a gift to send to your beloved? Wondering how you are going to send the item? Well, all you need to do is to seek the right courier services. When you acquire the services of the right courier, the delivery will be made faster than you had ever imagined. With a 24 hour courier, you will not even have to worry about what time of the day it is as you will readily access their services whenever you need them. Courier services have been of great importance and have brought convenience in the delivery of items.

24 hour courier

With the number of courier services in the market today, choosing the best can get kind of tricky. Each one of them offers different services and not all the services suit your individual needs. Certain features are however often essential in helping you determine which courier is worth the try. When you choose a courier based on these features, there are higher chances that they will deliver amazing services. The indications of a good courier include:

                                                Should have good facilities

One of the most important features that you need to be keen of in order to pick the best courier is the facilities they have to offer. This ranges from the fleet of vans they have, to the cars and even the bikes that they have for the job. You should pay attention not only on the availability of these facilities but also the quality and the condition. A good courier should have facilities of the latest technology to guarantee the fact that they deliver high-quality services, seeing that the delivery is both fast and efficient. It is also necessary that you ensure that their vehicles are fitted with all that is necessary to transport your item safely. When you make your choice best on this feature, you can brace up for an amazing courier experience.

                                                Should offer 24 hour services

Acquiring courier services whenever you need them is very essential. Besides alleviating the worry of availability, it also ensures that your consignment is delivered well in time. This therefore makes a very vital basis of choosing the best courier services. A lot of advantages are often tied to using the services of a 24 hour courier. It would therefore be prudent to pick the services of a courier whose services can be accessed at any time of the day.

                                                Emergency services

Situations come about when you need emergency courier services. Take for instance a case in which medication or medical files are needed to be delivered as soon as possible. It is only through the emergency courier services that you can achieve this. You should therefore look out for this feature before choosing a courier.

Charges are another feature that can be used to determine whether or not to try out a courier. When you choose your courier by basing your considerations on these among other features that you deem vital, you can be more than certain that you will get amazing 24 hour courier services. What will you be if not happy?!


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