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The Pros and Cons of Biological Pest Control Methods

Talks about climate change have led to increased awareness of the effects of man’s actions on the environment. As more and more groups are rising up, demanding environment-friendly methods, products and services, businesses must adapt and listen to the hearts of their consumers. Nowadays, it is a huge selling point if a service provider offers Eco-friendly services, and Sydney Pest Control are not exempted.

While it is easier for some companies to ride the Mother Nature bandwagon, the pest control industry is still undecided. After all, the industry deals with killing pests, which are technically still creatures of nature. Exterminating pests will always benefit humans because pests bring disease and destruction, but there’s only so little that the industry can work with to make it more “green”.

One thing the industry has done is to employ Eco-friendly variations of their extermination services. They call this biological pest control, and it entails the use of non-chemical methods to kill pests. Many Sydney pest control companies are now offering this service, and many consumers are happy about it of course. However, there is much debate regarding the relevance of this method. If you’re interested in getting biological pest control services for your home or office, here are both sides of the argument.

Pros: Safer and Healthier

The goal of pest control is to eliminate pests quickly and thoroughly. However, the situation is similar to that of a terminally-ill patient who needs to undergo severe treatment to cure his disease. Sometimes the treatment process can be more devastating than the disease itself. The same is true for pest control.

When using chemical agents for pest extermination, their effects can apply to other inhabitants of a home or building. Most Sydney pest control companies take pains to ensure that their consumers are safe from the side effects of chemical agents. In case of a thorough fumigation, they advise the occupants to stay away until a number of days has passed to prevent health hazards.

However, when it comes to strong chemical agents, you can never be too sure. Even if the obvious signs of fumigation (e.g. strong odors) is gone, there is so much more than meets the eye. Residue, even in trace amounts, can affect children and pets. Chemical pest control substances have been linked to allergies, asthma, and other health problems.

Cons: Efficiency Problems

The biggest selling point of biological pest control methods is that it is safer for the occupants of the building. Chemical agents bring about side effects, which some homeowners may not want to risk. Biological pest control uses formulation that is free from chemicals. If there are chemical compounds on their fumigation sprays, it is kept to a minimum and safe amount.

While this is good for people’s health, the efficiency is not guaranteed. Because the formulation contains no chemicals, it is less potent. If there’s one thing about chemical pest control, it’s that it gets the job done, while the same cannot be said of biological means. Biological pest control methods might be efficient for small jobs like homes, it is not a practical choice for large scale exterminations like huge office buildings and even agricultural lands.


All in all, it’s not a bad thing to have biological pest control as an option. Although you may not end up using it, it’s nice to know that Sydney pest control companies are offering those kinds of services for environment-conscious consumers. Now that you know both sides of the argument, it’s up to you to decide which method you’d prefer.

Pest Control Tips for Homes with Children

Nowadays, pests are found almost everywhere, especially in homes. If you live in the Gold Coast area, your home is not spared from pests infestation. Dealing with pests in your home can be annoying, however, when you think of the small children living in your home, your feelings will quickly turn to fear. You would want to protect your children from danger against harmful or annoying pests, but the least you would want to happen is to risk exposing them to harmful pesticides. That is why it is recommended that you hire a professional service provider for pest control in Gold Coast to deal with all types of pests in your home.

Below is a list of common house pests and some guidelines to help you deal with different pests in your home:


The best way to stop these pests from infesting your home is to eliminate their food supply. You might be tempted to take out chemical pest products right away, but you need to be patient. Chemicals can be harmful to humans. And if you do not want to expose your children to harmful chemicals, you should consult with an expert for pest control in Gold Coast area. They can even conduct an inspection within your home to determine the extent of the problem.

Another easy measure to address the problem is to seal their possible entry points to your home or place traps. You can purchase traps online or in your local market if you do not like making them.

Ants and Roaches

Same with rats or mice, you should block entry points within your home so that these pests cannot invade it. But if the roaches are already infesting your home, you need to discuss with your pest control provider about which chemical they intend to use. There are milder chemicals that are non-toxic to humans. If you can get them to use chemicals that are safe for your family, then do so. This is also where you can experience the benefits of professional pest control services because you do not have to directly handle the chemicals. These professionals know the proper operating procedure when it comes to handling and applying chemicals.


This is one type of pest that should be addressed immediately because they can be harmful to your kids. Pest control services use a specialized type of chemical or sprays to get rid of mosquitoes. Fogging is also another effective measure to drive away mosquitoes. Once you have sprayed the entire house or done some fogging, try installing netting to your windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home again.


This is a common type of pest in your home when you have furry pets like dogs and cats. This is one of the easiest to deal with, however. Pest control companies recommend treating your pets with anti-flea products and bathe them regularly. Also, make it a point to regularly vacuum your house or wash your pet’s beddings to discourage flea production.

There are a few pest control measures that you can take on your own but when you feel that the job is too big, you need to call a professional to accomplish the task for you. Moreover, you should not dismiss the pest problem at home as your children’s health could be at risk with continued exposure. If a professional pest control in Gold Coast recommends the use of chemicals, you might want to look for an alternative place to stay in while your house is being treated.


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