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Tips from Commercial Waterproofing Brisbane, Waterproofing Your Shower Hob

Waterproofing the shower hob is very important, and it pays if you are meticulous and careful with the steps you’re taking. This may sound a little daunting, but it’s actually quite easy – as easy as painting a wall. Here are seven simple steps most commercial waterproofing Brisbane companies recommend to waterproofing angle on your shower recesses.

waterproofing angle

Bathrooms are always wet, and it is almost impossible to get rid of moisture. The shower recess itself can be a source of moisture. However, keeping your bathroom dry is a must. It is important to minimize moisture in a bathroom for variety of reasons, such as stop the formation of mould due caused by condensation.

There are tons of waterproofing kits available in DIY sections in most home improvement stores and hardware stores. These kits contain almost everything needed for efficient waterproofing. Then, you will need a paint brush and a paint roller to apply the waterproofing sealant.

First Step

Before you start waterproofing any part of your bathroom, commercial waterproofing Brisbane companies highly recommend that you clean the surfaces, particularly the floor area and the wall. Remove dirt and dust thoroughly.

Then, apply a liberal primer coating to both areas using the paint brush.

Second Step

In the waterproofing kit, get the silicone sealer tube. Run a generous amount along the internal corners of the floor and the wall, especially where the floor and the shower hob meet. Finish off any hard-to-reach crevices with your finger.

Third Step

Use the paint brush to apply ample amount of coating of the pre-mixed primer coat for the internal corners. Paint the other side at about 150mm wide.

Fourth Step 

Put a length of reinforcing mat (this should be included in the waterproofing kit) to even-out corner joins. Smooth the mat by bedding it down using the wet coating. Ensure that the mat overlaps at least 100mm wherever it joins.

Fifth Step

Apply a second coat of the pre-mixed coating over the cloth and all over the taps and in any other plumbing protrusions through your bathroom floor or wall. Be careful in getting a good coverage on protrusions that are most liable for wet patches.

As soon as you’re done with all the corners, cover the entire bathroom floor and wall using the paint roller. Most commercial waterproofing Brisbane companies would also waterproof the total shower area.

Sixth Step

After the first application of the primary coating is complete an completely dried, apply the coating for the second time. A good way to do this is to apply the second coating on a different direction as the first (i. e. if you applied the first coating horizontally, then apply the second coating vertically).

Seventh Step

Let the coating dry for 24 hours before using the bathroom.

As you can see, waterproofing your bathroom is simple. Just follow these steps, read the instructions in your waterproofing kit, and do your homework for more tips to properly waterproof your entire bathroom.

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Why You Should Sanitize Touchable Surfaces

People spend a considerable amount of time in their workplaces. Ideally, workers only need to spend a third of their time in the workplace, but workaholics spend as much as a half of their lives working and that involves spending time in the workplace. Areas that have a high traffic of people will also have numerous microscopic organisms along with germs which could transmit diseases. These will pose threats of sickness and infections which can affect staff and lead to very low workplace productivity. Proper hygiene and sanitation measures should be followed everyday in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone. Companies can hire professional commercial cleaning in Melbourne in order to ensure that all the surfaces are not only clean but also fresh.

The most important but least ignored areas are surfaces that people often touch. It is not just enough to clean these with soap and water. They also need to be properly sanitized.  Cleaning merely removes the physical dirt from the surfaces, but proper sanitization will remove the microscopic germs and organisms that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

Ordinary cleaning merely focuses on the appearance of the surfaces. It keeps them free from dirt and bad odour. With sanitization, the additional use of anti-bacterial products or even heat will kill all the germs and bacteria from surfaces and sanitize the surfaces ensuring that they are safe for use. Good sanitization will reduce the incidences of sickness in the office and ensure that you are able to maintain maximum productivity in the place of work.

During commercial cleaning, sanitization will focus on the non-porous surfaces in the office. These are surfaces such as the floors, tables and even upholstery in the office. An ideal situation is one that ensures the overall health of everyone. It means there will be fewer germs transmitted per touch.

There are certain surfaces in the office where commercial cleaning in Melbourne generally focuses on. These include areas such as curtains, door knobs, fridge doors and cabinet doors which are generally a common source for contaminations. These are areas that need to be touched by hands every time. By sanitizing these surfaces during commercial cleaning, it is possible to reduce the spread of common transmittable diseases such as flu as well as the spread of pathogens. Taking precautions will prevent the spread of disease in the office, place of work or even the organization.

Other places that need sanitization include bathrooms and floors in commercial areas that are typically frequented by staff during work time. The biggest concerns are typically in bathrooms and restrooms and these need to be cleaned thoroughly and also sanitized.

Poor hygiene can lead to heavy financial losses for any business. When your business is dirty, you are most likely going to lose customers and business revenues. Employees working in a dirty environment also, generally, have a very poor morale.

With commercial cleaning in Melbourne, you can get the right expertise and cleaning experience that will keep your workspace free of pathogens. This will provide staff members with a clean and healthy environment for working.


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