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Good Customer Service = The Best Marketing Strategy

Before, all companies cared about was gaining new customers. They would always allocate a huge part of the company’s budget into advertising and other marketing strategies. However, businesses today are slowly realizing that customer retention is more important than marketing. This is evidenced by the fact that it’s now customary for employees to undertake a customer service course.

Old Versus New

In the old days, companies cared more about attracting new customers rather than keeping the ones they already have. Of course, it is mandatory for most businesses to have customer service, but only a few invested time and money into it. In fact, companies have customer service departments and only those people are required to undergo a customer service course.

Nowadays, almost all employees, regardless of which department they’re from, are now encouraged to undergo such courses. As long as your work process requires you to interact, convince, negotiate and converse with people, customer service skills are a must.

Customer Service For Marketing Purposes

When companies began to shift their focus from marketing to customer service, most people thought it was because of other factors. For one, there are now easier and cheaper ways to market your brand. Therefore, marketing can survive a few cutbacks in budget. Another factor people considered was the emerging outcry from customers who felt like the commerce industry was too cold-hearted and uncaring. As more and more companies promised better customer care, it was only natural for other companies to follow so as not to get left behind by the trend.

However, the most important reason why customer service is now considered more important than marketing strategies is because excellent customer service itself is a great marketing tactic. Look at it this way: when a company takes good care of their customers, then the customers keep coming back for more. This means the company has a stable source of profit or income due to recurring customers.

Also, with the dawn of social media, it is now easier for people to share information with one another. Everyone knows how effective word-of-mouth is when it comes to marketing. If you treat your clients well, they’ll share their good experiences with their friends and relatives, thereby gaining their trust. However, with social media, the effect is magnified. People can share posts easily, so news of your company’s great services will travel fast.

This concept does not only apply to the customer service department, but to everyone in the company. How many times has a company’s reputation been tarnished because of reports from other departments? If an HR employee treats a prospective applicant rudely, or if the Payroll department purposely delayed an outgoing employee’s final pay, news of this can cause a backlash as well.

This is why it’s important for everyone in the company to at least know the basics about customer service. Just because it’s a customer service course doesn’t mean only your company’s support team should undertake it. Remember, in today’s world, information is power. If word gets around that your company treats people well, whether they are clients, applicants or employees, you gain a huge advantage over your competitors in the industry.


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