4 Essentials to a Beautiful Garden

A beautiful lawn and garden are important to improve your outdoor space at home. However, keeping it beautiful takes more work than simply watering it. To ensure that you keep your outdoor space lush and green, you can hire professional lawn and garden care in Penrith. These professionals know the proper way to give care to your lawn no matter what time of the year.

But even though you decide to hire professional lawn and garden care in Penrith, you need to know the five essentials to keeping it beautifully preserved. You can learn more about these five elements below:

1 – Cutting

Regular cutting is a must to keep your lawn beautifully manicured. No one likes to see a lawn that is filled with long and thick grass. When it comes to cutting your grass, little and often is a better approach rather than doing all the cutting in one go. This means a tedious job but you can always tap into a professional lawn and garden care in Penrith do it for you and save time in the process. These professionals also know the proper cutting pattern on the grass.

2 – Fertilizing

This is another important step to maintaining your lawn. When you cut the grass, some of the essential nutrients are lost in the process. You need to fertilize your lawn to replace the lost nutrients and ensure healthy growth. The proper way to fertilize is during the onset of spring. Fertilize your lawn every 4-5 weeks. You can buy ready-made and specially mixed fertilizers that you can use on your lawn. If you are not sure, you can always ask the shop attendant about the right fertilizer to use for your particular type of lawn.

3 – Watering

This is an obvious step in maintaining your garden and lawn. In fact, most lawn owners assume that as long as they water their plants, then they are good to go. Watering is an important step to ensure your plants and grasses are properly hydrated, especially during summer. You will notice the grass on your lawn develop a blue-gray tint (depending on the temperature and humidity level) and this is an indicator that you need to water the lawn. Another good indicator is that the tip of the grass’ blade will start to curl up or show signs of wilting.

To make watering easier, you can install watering solutions for your garden so you can keep you plants hydrated for minimum hassle. One example is the use of sprinklers.

4 – Weed Control

Weeds are one of the biggest problems baffling garden owners. Thankfully, you can remove them mechanically by pulling out the weed. However, this can be time-consuming especially if there is an extensive weed growth. Again, professional lawn care services can help you sort out this problem. They have access to specialized tools that will make removing weeds much easier and less time consuming. You can, therefore, ensure that your plants grow healthy and there are no weeds that will compete for its nutrients.


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